Like Sand slipping though my Fingers (2023-ongoing)

Feísmo, from the series Like Sand slipping through my Fingers, Galicia, 2023

Like Sand Slipping through my Fingers is an ongoing project exploring the memory of my native land, Galicia, an autonomous community in Spain. This work is divided into three interconnected parts focusing successively on geographic, historical, and familial memory, ranging from the collective to the personal, from the overview to the close-up.  

The project focuses on the influence of Francoist memory on the territory and the population of Galicia. Alongside the Basque Country and Catalonia, Galicia played an important role in resistance against Franco’s power, thus enduring fierce repression. Paradoxically, it is also the birthplace of General Franco, making it a place closely linked to the memory of Francoism, a memory that persists and materializes today in Spanish society, in connection with the rise of the far right in Europe.

The title refers to my attempt, as a child of immigration, to reweave a memory that is both foreign and personal, which, with the gradual disappearance of my ancestors, seems to inexorably slip away from my hands.